Concrete Controlled Demolition Diamond Core Bit

We provide high quality diamond tools for reinforced concrete and masonry. Our long life core bit are available from 14 mm to 502 mm diameter that specially design for faster drilling services.

Our drills are widely used for drilling of reinforced concrete and masonry that supply to world-wide as per time frame. Our technical professionals must maintain the international quality standard that fulfill the client requirement and purpose.

Our long life concrete controlled demolition diamond core bit having below features:

  • High production
  • Fast drilling
  • Extended life with Impact resistance
  • Wet drilling
  • Available from 14 mm to 502 mm diameter
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • High material hardness
CCD Diamond core bit

  • Usage - For Reinforced Concrete, Masonry
  • High production, fast drill
  • extended life with economic purpose
  • Wet drilling
  • Core Bit available from 14mm to 500mm
  • Special design segments for faster drilling

Diamond Core Bit

ItemDiameterConnectionSegment thicknessSegment Height
CD14014mm1-1/4” UNC/ ½” BSP (M)3.0/3.5mm10mm
CD16016mm1-1/4” UNC/ ½” BSP (M)3.0/3.5mm10mm
CD19019mm1-1/4” UNC/ ½” BSP (M)3.0/3.5mm10mm
CD22022mm1-1/4” UNC/ ½” BSP (M)3.0/3.5mm10mm
CD25025mm1-1/4” UNC/ ½” BSP (M)3.0/3.5mm10mm
CD28028mm1-1/4” UNC/ ½” BSP (M)3.0/3.5mm10mm
CD32032mm1-1/4” UNC/ ½” BSP (M)3.0/3.5mm10mm
CD37037mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti3.0/3.5mm10mm
CD40042mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti3.5/4.0mm10mm
CD50052mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti3.5/4.0mm10mm
CD60065mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti3.5/4.0mm10mm
CD70072mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti3.5/4.0mm10mm
CD75077mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti3.5/4.0mm10mm
CD80082mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti3.5/4.0mm10mm
CD90092mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti3.5/4.0mm10mm
CD1000102mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti4.0mm10mm
CD1100112mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti4.0mm10mm
CD1220122mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti4.0mm10mm
CD1250127mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti4.0mm10mm
CD130132mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti4.0mm10mm
CD1500152mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti4.0mm10mm
CD1600162mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti4.0mm10mm
CD1800180mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti4.0mm10mm
CD2000202mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti4.0mm10mm
CD2500252mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti4.5mm10mm
CD3000302mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti4.5mm10mm
CD3500352mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti4.5mm10mm
CD5000502mm1-1/4” UNC or Hilti5mm10mm
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