Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond Wire Saw Manufacturer for Granite Factory

Sanwa Diamond Tools Pvt. Ltd. provide high quality and long life diamond wire saw manufacturer for granite cutting, marble cutting, quarry cutting and natural stone cutting.

We is the leading manufacturer company of diamond tools for all kinds of natural stone, marble, granite, sandstone and limestone. We are specialize in manufacturing of high quality diamond blades, diamond segments, diamond wire, diamond core drill, single disc machine saw blank, multi cutter saw blank, quarry saw blank, Italian multi disk machine saw blank and gang saw blank.

Our products are specially developed TPU/Rubber for maximum performance in Quarry/Factory conditions with faster cutting. Flexible, versatile and economical cutting tool gives a consistent performance.
diamond wire saw for concrete

Diamond Wire Saw

ItemThickness of the BeadCoatingBeads/mApplications
GW11011mm ThicknessTPU/Rubber40Granite Quarry
GW11511.5mm ThicknessTPU/Rubber40Granite Quarry
MW11011mm ThicknessSpring28-36Marble Quarry
SW11011mm ThicknessTPU37Stationary Block Squaring
  • Usage - For Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Limestone and other Natural Stone
  • Flexible, versatile and economical cutting tool
  • Fast cutting and long lasting
  • Consistent performance
  • Sintered Diamond Wire
  • Pre Sharpened for immediate usage
  • High-Quality Steel cable
  • Specially developed TPU/rubber for maximum performance in Quarry/Factory conditions
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