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Diamond Saw Blade

Diamond Saw Blade for Floor sawing machine

  • Usage – For Reinforced Concrete, Green Concrete, Cured Concrete, Asphalt
  • Free Cutting with optimum life
  • Available from 230mm to 1600mm
  • Pre sharpened for immediate usage
  • Thin core blades for lesser pressure on the machine
  • Available with 25.4mm, 50mm and 60mm bore
  • Available with pin holes
Item #DiameterBore HoleSegment ThicknessSegment Height
BF900230mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm2.6mm10mm
BF1000250mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm2.6mm10mm
BF1200300mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm2.8mm10mm
BF1204300mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm4mm10mm
BF1206300mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm6mm10mm
BF1208300mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm8mm10mm
BF1210300mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm10mm10mm
BF1400350mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm3.2mm10mm
BF1404350mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm4mm10mm
BF1406350mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm6mm10mm
BF1408350mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm8mm10mm
BF1410350mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm10mm10mm
BF1600400mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm3.5mm10mm
BF1604400mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm4mm10mm
BF1606400mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm6mm10mm
BF1608400mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm8mm10mm
BF1610400mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm10mm10mm
BF1800450mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm3.8mm10mm
BF1806450mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm6mm10mm
BF1808450mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm8mm10mm
BF1810450mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm10mm10mm
BF2000500mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm4mm10mm
BF2400600mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm4.5mm10mm
BF2406600mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm6mm10mm
BF2408600mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm8mm10mm
BF2410600mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm10mm10mm
BF2800700mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm4.5mm10mm
BF3000750mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm4.5mm10mm
BF3200800mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm4.5mm10mm
BF3600900mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm4.5mm10mm
BF40001000mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm4.5mm10mm
BF44001100mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm4.5mm10mm
BF48001200mm25.4mm/ 50mm/ 60mm4.5mm10mm
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