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Diamond Core Bit

Diamond Segments for Core Bit

  • Usage – For Reinforced Concrete, Masonry, Natural Stone
  • High production, fast drill
  • extended life with economical purpose
  • Wet drilling
  • Core Bit available from 6.5mm to 500mm
  • Roof top shape for fast drilling from 1st hole
Item #DiameterSegment LengthSegment ThicknessSegment Height
CS65018/19mmRing Type 3.0/3.5mm10mm
CS80025mmRing Type 3.0/3.5mm10mm
CS100028mmRing Type 3.0/3.5mm10mm
CS120032mmRing Type 3.0/3.5mm10mm
CS140037mmRing Type 3.0/3.5mm10mm
CS160040-45mm24mm 3.5/4.0mm10mm
CS190050-60mm24mm 3.5/4.0mm10mm
CS220060-70mm24mm 3.5/4.0mm10mm
CS260070-100mm24mm 3.5/4.0mm10mm
CS3200100-120mm24mm 3.5/4.0mm10mm
CS3700120-140mm24mm 4.0mm10mm
CS4000140-160mm24mm 4.0mm10mm
CS4500160-200mm24mm 4.0mm10mm
CS5000200-250mm24mm 4.0mm10mm
CS6200250-275mm24mm 4.0mm10mm
CS7700275-300mm24mm 4.0mm10mm
CS2600300-350mm24mm 4.5mm10mm
CS3200350-400mm24mm 4.5mm10mm
CS3700400-600mm24mm 5.0mm10mm
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